Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jayce playing net.

Jayces buddy got a break away on him and he shut him down.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hiking in Delphi

We went hiking into the moutains behind Delphi. This was at about 1,100 meter above sea level and 500 above Delphi. That si the Temple of Athena on the valley floor.

Hiking in Delphi

We hiked into the mountains behind Candace. These crags surround Ancient Delphi.

Hiking in Delphi

This is on the E5, a system of long trail systems through out Europe. This trail has a history though. This was a road the Ancient Greeks used to get from Ancient Delphi to other areas in the mountain and sanctuaries.

The Parathenon

A nice German lady took this for us and then I took a picture of her and her husband.


We spent are last 2 nights in Athens. We finally got up to the Acropolis...crowd infested tourist spot but cool none the less.